Project has been funded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Funds EMFF of the European Union under Grant Agreement No 863565/2019. 

Project mission has been to scale-up technologies and expertise of partners on shipping LCA & optimality and to  deliver an industrial product to the shipping industry. The project business/products portal is considers all three phases of a life of a ship, from design to construction (1), then to operation (2), and to end-of-life as scrapping (3). We developed and offer LCA/DSS, and Operational and End of Life s/w Tools.

Life Cycle Analysis and DSS Tools (LCA) consider (example)

  • Economic KPIs: BLD cost (€), CAPEX, OPEX, M&R, AAC, RFR, NPV, AAB, EBITDA, RPOC, IRR, Payback period, other, and
  • Environmental KPIs: EEDI, Sox, NOx, CO, CH4, PM, NMVOC, Total CO2, CO, NOX, Sox, GWP and other.

The Operational Tools consider (example)

  • Weather routing optimization
  • Bunkering optimization 
  • TCE with multiple voyage options maximization
  • Seafarers’ performance function definition and ranking
  • Crew assessment
  • Optimizing Long term fleet wide crew assignment
  • Optimization of containers’ mix in liner shipping
  • Minimization of distributed order cost to suppliers
  • Optimality to minimizing FOC when using a network.
  • Fuel cost minimization in anisotropic sea passages
  • Standby point procedures
  • Vessel emission 
  • Vessel end of life optimality
  • Multi-attribute group decision making in maritime problems.